What Is The Difference Between Tree Lopping and Pruning?

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What is the difference between tree lopping and pruning?
May 30, 2022

There are so many benefits of having trees on a property. By adding visual delight, fresh air and serenity having well-maintained trees also enhance the residential and commercial value of a property. However, it is important to take good care of the trees to enjoy their benefits and maintain tree health. Trees need to be trimmed from time to time, not only to keep a pleasant appearance but also to maintain or improve their health. Two of the most used practices in tree maintenance are ‘Tree Pruning’ and ‘Tree Lopping‘. Though both the terms are associated with tree trimming and maintenance, they have a thin line of difference, but most people tend to confuse one with another. Let’s find out more about these two commonly used tree maintenance practices:

Tree Lopping Adelaide

Tree Lopping is a process where a tree technician trims and removed huge branches of trees to reduce the overall tree size. This helps to modify the tree’s shape and to direct its growth in a certain direction without compromising its health. Experienced tree loppers make sure that by cutting off the branches the structure or aesthetics of the tree won’t be impacted adversely making it dangerous, damaged, and susceptible to parasites and diseases.

Tree Pruning Adelaide

Tree Pruning is a great way to protect trees on your property against diseases and ensures their health and longevity. This process is directly aimed at improving tree immunity and maintaining its health. It involves selectively and carefully trimming the tree branches to remove unwanted branches, improve the tree’s structure, and direct new, healthy growth. There are various types of pruning like lifting, reduction, and thinning of the crown regions.

Which Is Better For Your Trees – Pruning Or Lopping?

Are you still confused if you need lopping or pruning for your trees? We recommend getting in touch with experienced arborists and landscapers who can guide you and efficiently carry out the tree maintenance service. Getting an expert opinion from a professional would ensure the optimum health, visual appeal, and safety of your tree. Also, when it comes to carrying out any tree maintenance, safety is paramount, and any DIY can prove to be extremely dangerous. Hiring an experienced, reputable Adelaide arborist will ensure all tree work is carried out in line with the relevant regulations, as per Australian standards and codes for complete safety. Here are some reasons to consider tree trimming:

#1 If Your Tree Is Diseased: If your tree is diseased (viral or fungal disease) then a tree expert would be able to suggest lopping or pruning is the best way to ensure good health and safety. If the disease spreads by contact, lopping would be the safest option. If the disease is localised, pruning would be enough to ensure the health and structural integrity of the tree in question.

#2 Shaping The Tree: For trimming the foliage of a tree pruning is enough but if a tree’s height and reach must be reduced then lopping is carried out by tree care experts. For thick branches, lopping is the best option. If you want your trees to look natural while also ensuring they grow strong and don’t become a safety risk, get an exercised and skilled tree pruning Adelaide expert to effectively prune the trees on your property.

Ensure safety and achieve a fresh and lush look of trees with our professional services

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