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What is The Best Way to Get Rid of a Palm Tree?

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What is The Best Way to Get Rid of a Palm Tree?
August 14, 2023

You might have many reasons to remove the palm tree from your property. Sometimes, the tree gets infected and becomes a threat of disease spread between plants.

Sometimes, you realize that the palm tree variety in your garden is categorized as an invasive species in your area.

In some situations, the tree grows out of proportion or changes the direction of its roots in such a manner that it becomes a threat to the fencing of the house or even the main structure of the house.

Whatever the reason, it is critically important to get rid of a palm tree by calling an expert that offers Palm Tree Removal in Adelaide.

An expert palm tree removal company like J&B Tree Services will examine the palm tree first and then decide the most suitable and appropriate method of tree removal.

Let’s understand a few effective techniques.

Ring Barking or Girdling

This is one of the most effective methods of palm tree removal. In this method, the bark and cambium of the tree are completely removed from a section of a tree trunk.

When these layers of wood are removed, the tree does not get water and nutrients. The growth of the tree stops, and it dies eventually.

However, most of the companies that offer Tree Removal in Adelaide do not prefer this method when you need to remove the tree fast.

This method is relatively slow.

Cutting the surface

This method is quite fast. Here, the bark of the tree is cut using a sharp tool and any appropriate herbicide is spread on the open wounds.

Experts at J&B Tree Services recommend cutting a tree at a downward angle because it creates a trough in which herbicide can be spread without worrying about it running off.

Many cuts are needed around the circumferences of the tree. You have to read the instructions given on the pack of the herbicide.

Basal Bark Treatment

One can get rid of a palm tree that has less than 6 inches in diameter using this treatment. When you call an expert company for palm Tree Pruning in Adelaide, it can use this method if the tree is small.

Results from basal bark treatment are generally slow. It may take a few weeks before you see the first signs of decline. Then, it may take a few months for the plant to actually die.

Herbicide Injections

Herbicide injection is similar to the hack-and-squirt method that was described earlier. Since it is far more precise, the method is used by various companies.

Chemicals are injected by drilling small holes into the base of a tree’s trunk and inserting plastic syringes filled with the preferred herbicide.

The syringes remain inserted into the bark until the herbicide drains into the vascular system of the tree.

But this method requires specialization and only expert tree-removing companies can only do that.

Which method is best? Well, it depends on the specific situation and the decision made by your expert.

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