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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Prune Trees?

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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Prune Trees?
August 14, 2023

Best Time Of Year To Prune Trees

You grow trees to get their benefits. That is why you nurture them and put your effort into growing them big.

You want the trees to go high in the sky and expand their limbs and branches so that you get shade. However, the branches go in random directions sometimes. Or the size and structure of the tree goes out of proportion.

In such situations, you have to dial the contact number of an expert company that ensures excellent services of Tree Cutting in Adelaide.

One of the renowned service providers in Adelaide is J&B Tree Services. It brings in-depth experience and expertise in tree pruning.

Tree cutting or pruning is an important activity that is done for a variety of reasons. Most pruning is aimed at improving the structure. Other reasons may be to repair damage caused by storms, to make the structure clear, or give more space to traffic. Or it could be to safeguard power or telephone wires and cables.

Experts say that good pruning includes the removal of diseased, dying, or dead branches. It is also the removal of crossing or rubbing branches.

If there are thorny branches below eye level, then you should remove them. Other reasons for pruning are sucker growth from rootstock and water sprouts from limbs.

But when you want to get the maximum benefits from pruning, along with hiring the best pruning expert like J&B Tree Services, you must do it at the perfect time of the year.

When to prune

Experts recommend that late winter is a good time to prune most plants. It is because both plants and their pests are dormant during this time of year. Thus, the cuts made by pruning will not have any risks of pests and pathogens entering the tree through the wound.

If it happens, then the entire tree gets impacted, and you do not have any other choice than to call a service provider that performs Tree Removal in Adelaide.

During this time, the ground is also solidly frozen. Therefore, it is easy to reach branches and remove them. And since the majority of trees have dropped their leaves, you get a clear view of the structure.

However, late winter is not the right time to prune spring-flowering shrubs, such as lilacs, magnolia, June berry, azalea, etc.

The inactivity and low temperatures are ideal for pruning.

J&B Tree Services provide top-class pruning and removal services. Not only other trees, but can also perform specialized services, like Palm Tree Removal Adelaide.

Benefits of pruning

  • It promotes the good health of trees and future growth if it is done at the proper time.
  • It saves money and time by keeping trees safe from pests and diseases.
  • It makes your garden, backyard, or passage beautiful and systematic.
  • It also safeguards electrical hazards, like short circuits.
  • It offers equal opportunity to utilize natural resources for all of the surrounding trees.

Hence, take your phone and dial the number of the top tree pruning and removal expert in the town.

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