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What Happens If You Don’t Remove a Stump?

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What Happens If You Don't Remove a Stump?
September 15, 2023

At times, you face situations when you will have to remove the tree. Whether the tree experiences a bad storm or it gets affected by some disease or pest, the tree becomes weak. It becomes a threat to the safety of the people. You do not have any choice other than to call a service provider that performs Tree Removal in Adelaide.

One of the examples is J&B Tree Services It is a renowned and experienced company that has been providing all sorts of tree services in Adelaide.

But people sometimes forget to remove the stump. Many times, it is purposely not included in the service contract because stump removal will add to the cost.

Experts say that it is not the right thing. One should hire a company that does Stump Removal in Adelaide. Why should one not let the stump remain in the backyard. It is because there are many ill effects of that. Let’s understand what are they.

Regrowth of the tree

You call a service provider that performs Tree Removal in Adelaide and gets rid of the tree up to the stump.

It sounds like a permanent solution, but it is not. Very soon, new shoots can grow if healthy tree roots remain. Eventually, there will be a new tree. It will grow and take nutrients from the surrounding areas.

If the new tree grows enough, it might produce a multi-trunked tree, which is more difficult and expensive to remove than the first stump.

The best way is to call a company like J&B Tree Services. It brings state-of-the-art services for tree removal.

Damage to the property

When the tree stump’s roots continue to grow, the root system can damage surrounding areas. There are possibilities of lifting sidewalks and driveways. You may see new cracks in the foundation. Tree roots can also fracture underground pipes.

To avoid this damage, you need an expert to remove the stump. The service provider will come with equipment and tools to perform the task well.

Spread of diseases and pests

Tree stumps and their root systems rot and decay after some time. There is growth of mold or fungi on the stump. It is a big risk to the health of your family.

The rotting root system may also spread disease and infection to other trees or plants around.

A rotting tree stump will also invite pests. However, even a stump that has not decayed yet, can become a cozy habitat for various types of pests.

Some examples are termites, ants, beetles, and other insects.

Do not let it happen to your garden. Call an expert today and remove the stump.


It is a fact, that a stump in your courtyard is certainly a thing that you should prefer. Studies say that a stump in the garden or courtyard is one of the biggest reasons for accidents. It brings the risk of tripping over them.

Do not take a risk. Call an expert company that can handle Stump Removal in Adelaide. It will remove the stump without any hassles.

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