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The Importance of Stump Removal: Why It Matters

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The Importance of Stump Removal: Why It Matters
July 04, 2023

At times, you need to remove a tree from your garden, back lane, or community area. It may become compulsory because the tree has become dangerous and a threat to the life of people.

But when you remove the tree by calling a company like J&B Tree Services that offers Tree Removal in Adelaide, what is left behind is an unsightly stump.

It is important to remove this stump not just because it is an eyesore. There are many other reasons as well.

Stumps can become a hindrance. They may get infected by pests or other fungal infections later. Thus, other trees in the surroundings can also be affected.

You should not forget that tree removal and stump removal are two different things. When you sign a contract for tree removal, it is not necessary that the stump be removed.

For stump removal, you have to sign a specific contract. The job will be handled by specialist companies with the help of expert arborists and heavy-duty machinery.

Many people wonder whether it’s really essential to remove the part of the tree that’s left protruding from the ground after you remove the tree. Here are a number of reasons why you should get your stump removed.

Stumps affect the appearance of your landscape. Since you are always worried about the appearance of your garden or yard. If there are redundant stumps around, then they will adversely impact the symmetry of the space.

4 Important Reasons for Stump Removal

Tree stumps occupy space

A large stump in the garden occupies a lot of space in the garden, especially if the garden is small. When you grind the stump a few inches below the ground, it frees up some space.

It can be used for anything later.

To ensure that the space can be used properly, you need to call a company that offers flawless services of Stump Removal in Adelaide.

A stump can become a tripping hazard

A tree stump coming out above the ground can get hidden in the grass growing around it. Thus, it becomes an invisible tripping hazard. Kids or even adults can also trip over it and injure themselves severely.

Removing the stump is an essential thing to avoid these problems.

Pest infestations

When you leave stumps behind in the landscape, they get fungal and pest infestations. The remaining portion of the trunk develops rot which is a perfect breeding ground for fungi. Pests, e.g., bugs, termites, ants, and beetles make the stump their residence.

You can avoid all these issues by removing the stump.

The possibility of regrowth of the tree

When a portion of the tree trunk is left in the ground, there is always a potential to regrow. New shoots sprout from the base. If they are ignored and left to grow, the shoots can grow into individual trees. It becomes a regular headache and time-consuming task to remove these shoots at regular intervals.

To avoid all these issues and risks, you should call a service provider and get rid of the stump.

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