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Tree Pruning And Maintenance For Healthier And Stronger Trees

For over 20 years, J&B Tree Services have been maintaining trees in Adelaide and the surrounding area. Several homes and business owners enjoy clean, healthy, and presentable trees with our ongoing range of tree management services. Our tree safety experts have a sound understanding of all arboricultural issues relating to different tree species and provide sound advice to maintain healthy trees. Whether you are a single homeowner, a commercial site, or a developer, we have the expertise to maintain and manage all trees on your property. 

What Is Tree Pruning? 

Tree pruning Adelaide is also referred to as tree crowning and it involves a variety of tree maintenance works to ensure the tree maintains its shape and health. Regular pruning and trimming offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Removal of diseased, weak, or dead branches
  • Encourage new growth keeping the tree healthy 
  • Lower the height of a tree so that it doesn’t interfere with structures or powerlines 
  • Remove branches that hang too low. 
  • Shape the tree so it maintains a healthy and aesthetically pleasing canopy. 
  • Stronger and more resilient tree branches that withstand extreme weather. 

Make J&B Tree Services your preferred tree removal and maintenance company in Adelaide. We have an experienced team of arborists and tree removal experts to ensure that you have a safe, efficient and professional tree maintenance and tree pruning plan for the vegetation on your property. Our local team of tree professionals are fully certified and have a wide knowledge of all species of native trees. Be rest assured, that at J&B Tree Services we work closely with you to understand your needs and provide a customised tree management plan to maintain your trees. So, call us today for all your tree work and garden maintenance!

  • Qualified and experienced – we have the skills to perform an extensive range of tree management services.
  • Tree Specialists – comprehensive management of trees – from health, and safety to tree pruning and thinning services. 
  • Right Equipment for the Job – we are able to climb difficult and dangerous trees and access difficult and large trees to carry out any emergency or regular tree maintenance tasks.
  • Safety Comes First – we ensure our work environments are free from any risks or hazards. The safety of our staff, clients and their property is paramount.
  • Excellent Customer Service – we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service coupled with a high standard of workmanship.
  • Public Liability Insurance – we are fully insured for any property damage. Our $30 million insurance exceeds industry standards and will ensure your and your neighbours’ property is always covered.

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Our Comprehensive Tree Management Services 

J&B Tree Services can provide:

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Disease management
  • Infestation management
  • Expert tree care advice and support
  • Ongoing tree care services to maintain your garden

We have knowledge and experience and are available for any tree-related queries and services. We offer tree trimming services to keep your yard beautiful and clean all year around. Our comprehensive tree management services are available 24/7 and executed by tree experts with precision. We deliver a high standard of services with the use of heavy-duty equipment, tools, and machinery. Our tree removing services, tree maintenance and tree pruning services are available at a reasonable cost. J&B Tree Services is just a phone call away! Call Brian today on 0414 223 870 to arrange a free quote or to discuss your tree maintenance needs in detail. 

Our Testimonial

Fantastic reliable friendly service

Brian has been to my house on three occasions. He has removed several trees and pruned high trees. Very punctual and everything left neat and tidy. The pruned trees are growing well which I am very happy with. The quotes are very reasonable.

Jeannie A.

Prompt, friendly and supper fast.

Realy great to deal with, prompt reply, fast inspection, extremely friendly and professional and done and gone the same day.
You can’t get any better than that. !!!

otto T.

Fantastic service, Great job , punctual

Brian was fantastic he know what he is doing . Extremely happy with all the work i had done . I would highly recommend

Renee H.
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